December 1, 2020

14 नवम्बर करेंट अफेयर्स | 14 November 2020 current affairs

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14 November 2020 current affairs Pdf Download

1 – Which migratory birds visit Manipur and Nagaland?

Answer: Amur Falcon

  • Amur falcons are migratory birds that come to roam in Manipur and Nagaland. They are Siberian birds that reach the northeast for about 2 months at the beginning of winter.
  • After winter, they would move from India to South Africa.
  • They travel on a 29,000 km migratory route between Siberia and South Africa.
  • These birds stay at Doyang Lake in Nagaland, hence Nagaland is known as “Amur Baz Rajdhani”.

About Amur Falcon:

  • It breeds in southeastern Siberia and northern China.
  • They spend about three to four weeks in India.
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2- Acharya Kripalani wrote the autobiography named ……………… which was published in 2004, 22 years after his death?

Answer – My Times

  • Acharya Kripalani wrote the autobiography titled ‘My Times’ which was published in 2004, 22 years after his death.

About Acharya Kripalani:

  • He was also the Principal of ‘Gujarat Vidyapeeth’ around 1922, since then he was called ‘Acharya’.
  • Acharya was the President of the Indian National Congress (INC) at the time of independence.
  • He first moved the motion of no confidence in the Lok Sabha by Acharya Kripalani in 1963.

Why in the news?

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to Acharya Kripalani on his 11 November


3- ………. Has the state assembly passed a resolution demanding a separate ‘Sarna Code’ for the tribals?

Answer: Jharkhand

  • In the Census 2021 in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, a proposal to implement the provision of separate Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code was passed.

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4 -Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa passed away recently, he was the longest serving PM of which country?

Answer: Bahrain

  • Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa passed away recently, he was the longest serving PM of Bahrain and the longest serving Prime Minister of any government in the world.

Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa:

  • He was a Bahrain royalist and politician who served as Prime Minister of Bahrain from 19 January 1970 to 11 November 2020 until his death.


  • It is a sovereign state in the Persian Gulf, situated between the Qatari Peninsula and the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia.


5 -International table tennis federation (ITTF) has won the women’s World Cup title ………………… for the first time?

Answer: Chen Meng

  • Chen Meng of China has won the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Women’s World Cup title for the first time. She is currently the world’s No. 1 women’s tennis player.
  • He won against his Chinese compatriot Sun Yingsha.

About Dishaang 2020 ITTF:

  • From 8 to 10 November 2020, the Dishang 2020 ITTF Women’s World Cup was held in Weihai, China.

About ITTF:

  • ‘It was founded in 1926.
  • It is a federation that rules for all national-level table tennis associations.

Current Affairs 14 November 2020 in Hindi – PDF DOWNLOAD

6- The Collins Dictionary has declared _____ as the term 2020?

Answer – Lockdown

  • The Collins Dictionary has declared the term ‘lockdown’ as a measure to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 by governments around the world.
  • According to the dictionary, lockdown is defined as a strict restriction on travel, social gathering and access to public places.

Collins english dictionary:

  • It is a printed and online dictionary of English published by Harper Collins in Glasgow.
    It was originally published in 1979.


7 – ……………… has launched the first 6G satellite in the space world to test the technology

Answer: China

  • China has launched the first 66 satellite in the world of space to test the technology.
  • The 66 satellite was one of 3 Chinese satellites successfully launched into orbit.
  • 10 commercial remote sensing satellites manufactured by Argentinean company Satelogic were also dispatched.
  • It was the 351st rocket in China’s long march series.
  • The technology in the satellite will be used to prevent wildfires and monitor crop disaster.

66 Technology:

  • The 6G technology is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G.

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8 -On which date is World Pneumonia Day celebrated?

Answer: 12 November

  • It is celebrated every year on 12 November by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and many other international organizations.
  • The first World Pneumonia Day was launched in 2019 by the Global Alliance against Child Pneumonia.

About Pneumonia:

  • It is an infection that causes inflammation in the air sac in one or both lungs.
  • It is an infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, also known as pneumococcus.
  • Its symptoms include pus, fever, chills and a cough with difficulty in breathing.

Pneumonia in India:

  • According to WHO, 1 in 5 children in India are affected by pneumonia.

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9- On which date is National Bird Day celebrated?

Answer: 12 November

  • This day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth day (12 November 1896) of world-renowned bird expert Dr. Salim Ali (Birds of India), a book written by Salim Ali is considered a very popular book.
  • The purpose of celebrating this day is to conserve birds and make people aware of the extinct species of birds.

10 – India has received the first commercial shipment through water route from Bangladesh on ……………………….

Answer: 9 November 2020

  • India has received the first commercial shipment from Bangladesh via water route. The shipment was sourced from Karimganj in Assam on the Protocol for Inland Water Trade and Transit (PIWTT) route.


  • This is a step towards using inland waterway connectivity for trade and prosperity between the two countries.

About PIWTT:

  • India and Bangladesh have a protocol on trade and transit through inland waterways that was first signed in 1972 and renewed in 2015.
  • This allows for a mutual arrangement for commerce to use both countries’ waterways.
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