December 5, 2020

13 नवम्बर करेंट अफेयर्स | 13 November 2020 current affairs

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13 November 2020 current affairs Pdf Download

(1) Recently …………………… Bank has launched National Common Mobility Debit (NCMC) card?

Answer: Karnataka Bank

  • National Common Mobility Debit (NCMC) card, an inter-operative transport card launched by Karnataka Bank Limited. It is the first contactless debit-cum-prepaid rupee card of the bank.
  • It has been launched with the vision of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
  • The RuPay-NCMC Debit Card was launched by the Bank’s Managing Director and CEO Mahabaleshwar M.S.

Features of National Common Mobility Debit Rupees Card: –

  • It is a user friendly card and can be called One Nation One Card with various benefits.
  • It will support domestic as well as international payments through POS, ATM and e-commerce platforms.

Top 10 Current Affairs: 13 November 2020

(2) With whom has Indian astronomers collaborated on the “Thirty Meter Telescope Project”?

Answer – Prof. Andrea Gays

  •  Indian astronomers have collaborated with Professor Andrea Ghez, a 2020 Physics Nobel Prize winner, on the “Thirty Meter Telescope Project”. Telescopes are being installed in Hawaii.

About Telescope & Project:

  • This project India, China, California, Japan
  • And a partnership project between Canada.
  • It is designed for Ultraviolet to mid-infrared annotations.
  • It has a diameter of 30 meters prime mirror and is three times wider than the world’s largest existing visible telescope.
  • This is to revolutionize the understanding of the universe.


(3) The arbitration of a new peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan was done by ……….

Answer: Russia

  •  The new peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan was mediated by Russia. These countries were in a military conflict over the disputed area of Nago! -Karabakh in the South Caucasus for over 6 weeks.

According to the new peace agreement:

  • According to the deal, both sides will now maintain positions in the areas where they currently are. It is a beneficial for Azerbaijan.
  • Azerbaijan has reclaimed more than 15–20% of its lost territory in the conflict.
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(4) “Your Best Day Is Today!” Name the author of the book named?

Answer – Anupam Kher

  • “Your Best Day Is Today!” By noted actor Anupam Kher. A new book has been written titled.
  • Through this book, Kher shares his experiences during the lockdown, in which he saw many ups and downs when his mother Dulari and brother Raju Kher were also hit by a coronavirus.


(5) …… .The country has released a special illustrated compilation on Mahatma Gandhi to mark the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Nepal

  • Nepal’s President Bidya Devi Bhandari has released a special illustrated compilation on Mahatma Gandhi to mark the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • This anthology is written in Nepali language.
  • The book was launched in a special ceremony in Kathmandu in the presence of Indian Ambassador to Nepal Vinay Mohan Quatra.

About the legend:

  • The title of this narrative about Gandhi is “Mele Bujheko Gandhi” or “Gandhi as I understand it”.

Current Affairs 13 November 2020 in Hindi – PDF DOWNLOAD

(6) According to the “Interstate Migrant Policy Index” (IMPEX), ………………… is the state at the top in integrating migrant workers?

Answer: Kerala

  • According to the “Interstate Migrant Policy Index” (IMPEX), Kerala is at the top in integrating migrant workers.

Impex: –

  • It is envisaged by the Migration Policy Group and Barcelona Center for International Affairs, both a non-profit policy think-tank based in Europe. The index measures the integration of interstate migrants.


(7) National Education Day is celebrated on ……….

Answer: 11 November

  • National Education Day is observed every year on 11 November.

About Maulana Abul Kalam Azad:

  • He is the principal architect of education in India.
  • He was the first Vice President of India.
  • He was also the first Education Minister of independent India from 1947 to 1958.
  • He was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor, in 1992.

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(8) The recently discussed Epophys is a ………………?

Answer: Asteroid

  •  Apophis is an asteroid. Astronomers have revealed that a large asteroid named ‘Apophis’ was expected to pass extremely close to Earth in 2068 due to an event called the Yarkovsky Effect.
  • This effect has eventually increased the asteroid’s flow and changed its course as well.

Asteroid Apophis:

  • It was discovered in 2004.
  • It was named after the 340-meter-wide asteroid Greek God of Chaos, roughly the size of three and a half footballs, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


(9) Hornbill Festival is celebrated by …………………… state?

Answer: Nagaland

  • Hornbill Festival is celebrated by the state of Nagaland
  • The Hornbill Festival, also known as the Festival of Festivals, is celebrated by Nagaland from 1 to 10 December every year.
  • It is organized by the state tourism and arts and culture departments.
  • The festival depicts the heritage, culture, food and customs of the Naga tribes.
  • 16 tribes come together to celebrate their traditions on this festival with dance performances.


(10) Australia.and ……………… Water Center (AIWC) is headed by IIT Guwahati on behalf of India?

Answer: India

  • The Australia-India Water Center (AIWC) has been inaugurated and led by IIT Guwahati from the Indian side and Western Sydney University from the Australian side.
  • The Center has 21 partners from India and Australia.

Australia-India Water Center (AIWC): –

  • This will help Indian and Australian partners explore opportunities and create synergy for long-term cooperation between countries in research and education.
  • This will help in fighting common water challenges and issues facing both countries, such as floods, climate change, drought, water security, over-exploitation of water, etc.


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